Palazzo Savioli (formerly Fontana Barbieri) is one of the last residences of the senatorial nobility, the palace of Ludovico Savioli (1729-1804), poet and scholar, author of the Annales, the monumental Bolognese historiographical work, as well as a senator since 1770 with a brief of the pontiff, at the time, Clemente XIV Ganganelli from Cesena.
It is a home rich in history and memories. At the beginning of the 19th century it hosted Lord Byron during his stay in Bologna. In the 1500s, when it belonged to the Guidotti senators, the residence in via Galliera was one of the most prestigious in the city, and was decorated with a rich picture gallery and beautiful friezes. Today those paintings are no longer there, but their memory testifies to the importance of the building in the mid-16th century. From the Guidotti family, after a few changes of ownership, in 1605 the complex had reached the Fontana family and from there to their heirs, the Savioli counts. In 1772 Ludovico Savioli undertook a substantial construction project involving the most famous artists of the time for the decoration.